Bungalow kitchen revamp

February 9, 2015

This 1940s house was originally built with a more formal floor plan and had a separate kitchen and dining space.  Today, entertaining is less formal and having an open kitchen to your dining room allows for more interaction between cooking and guests and family while still prepping dinner.

Originally, while standing in the kitchen, you would be completely closed off from the dining room and living space.  The desire was to open up this space by demolishing the walls that divided these spaces, while at the same time filling in the existing opening to the kitchen off the main hall, in order to provide a separation between the more public and private spaces.









The new layout provides an open kitchen and dining space adjacent to the living room. After exploring multiple layouts, this galley kitchen optimized space and having a counter for shallow seating provided more counter space and storage below.










Photography by Muffy Kibbey

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