Russian Hill Twins Girls’ Room

November 19, 2015

Situated in a traditional 1920s San Francisco 10-story building, this apartment’s girls’ bedroom needed to transition from baby room to big girls room, while still blending with the original details of the space.  It was critical to respect what was unique about the existing space, but modernize it in a way that would work for growing toddler girls as they matured out of their baby room and were ready for their big girl room.  But, not only did we want to select the look and style to fit within the apartment, but we wanted to choose items that struck the balance for what was appropriate for toddlers, but also would last for years to come as the girls matured.

In order to accomplish this, my client and I steered clear of fabrics or images that were associated with animals or figures, but instead chose colorful pillows with abstract bright flowers and a modern side table lamp to liven up the room.  However, we kept the rest of the palette relatively simple, with mostly white and grey, allowing the flexibility to swap out pillows or lamps to make an easier change down the road.  I believe keeping the longer lasting items, like the bed and dresser, in neutral tones as the ‘backdrop’, while still allowing the flexibility to swap out pillows or lamps to quickly change the look and feel of the room without having to replace the big ticket items.

The apartment has original crown moldings and baseboards, paneled doors and glass door knobs, which all recall the traditional elements of when the building was constructed.  However, my client had already successfully set the tone in the apartment to introduce modern elements with art, furniture, light fixtures throughout that beautifully strikes the perfect balance between new and old.  So, for the twin girls’ room, it was only natural that we also complement the traditional elements with more modern selections with the light fixtures, clean lines of the furniture and bedding.


Schematic image board of selections






Rosen65F2 Rosen46U2





This room remodel captured the perfect balance between playful for the girls to enjoy and be comfortable, but also sophisticated enough that was consistent with the style of the home and a room that could grow with them.


Photography by Muffy Kibbey

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